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The new Veunum mma fight shorts

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Highlighting our new Venum MMA fight Shorts take pleased to a radical new level. As custom Fight Shorts the Venum UK Hero Fight Shorts convey a dedicated and effective look in the cage.

The Venum UK Hero Fight Shorts utilize the strongest miniaturized scale fabric available with a specific end goal to keep yours hues constantly high. Fortified machine-stitchings finish the bundle to offer you the ideal blend between security, solace and anatomical cut.

The Vault™ 3-Way conclusion guarantees a bolted dependability: consummately situated, in every position, theVenum UK Hero Fight Shorts will never irritate you on the bleeding edge.

Giving flawless thermo-control because of its quick dry miniaturized scale fiber and its lattice boards, the Venum UK Hero Fight Shorts is perfect for abilities preparing and extreme battle.

For your nation, for your transcendence: fly your banner.

Specialized components:

Polyester small scale fabric: ultra-lightweight and worked to last material.

Network boards for an upper and ideal warm control.

Vault™ 3-Way creative conclusion framework for an immaculate hold.

Speed Grip™ for a simpler and quicker conformity of your battle shorts.

Master building Flex-System - with a 4-way extend fabric - to develop your scope of moves.

Strengthened creases for unparalleled lifespan.

Quick drying properties: encourage the sweat escape and convey a superior dampness administration.

Logos completely sublimated for a superior sturdiness

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Rip Kimbo slice

Kimbo Slice, the ultimate brawler turned MMA fighting star who passed on Monday aged 42, had been determined to have heart problems and was waiting for a heart transplant.How Kimbo Slice and MMA challenge our ideas of MMA fighters and humankind Kimbo had been suffering with extreme stomach torment, shortness of breath and sickness on [...]

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A week in review

From the home of mma t shirts we at freeformfighters bring you our week in review. And what a week it has been for fight sports. With the Amir Khan vs Conelo fight on Saturday from las Vagas and the that right hook. To the UFC in Amsterdam on Sunday we have had a fun packed weekend in the fight [...]

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Could it be the end?

Amir Khans dreams of ever being a middleweight champion are well and truly over after last nights bout with Saul Alvarez. Which lasted a very impresive 6 rounds. I have to say i had my money on it being finished in the first. But in fairness amir came out strong and let the lead with his [...]

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The weekly review

MMA weekly newsSo the ufc’s own Paige VanZant puts in a perfect performance on Dancing with the stars. Or maybe no one wanted to tell her she’s better at fighting! Either way she is always a pleasure to watch weather in a frock or her rebook shorts. But looks like she won’t be part of the UFC200 plans [...]

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The weekly review

The week in review.So this week the hype continued for ufc200 with the will he fight wont he fight promotion or lack of with conor mcgregor in then out and possibly now back on again, Ow when will it end. At the time of writing this the jury are still out. I for one would love to see [...]

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Cutting weight for fights

contenders get thinner by emptying however much water from their body as could reasonably be expected. Via painstakingly modifying their weight amid battle camp they achieve a point where this liquid misfortune will get them on the scale at the weight grade they plan to battle in.There is much open deliberation about the wellbeing of [...]

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New Venum mma T shirts in stock and on sale

New Venum Mma T ShirtsIt is great to know that MMA fans now have a way to showcase their love for it and that is by purchasing.             venum ma t shirts. Therefore, if you are one of them, then better purchase one of it. What is great is that it is available for purchase [...]

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Food for a fighter

Superfoods to a MMA contender are those sustenances that drag out continuance and work limit, help with muscle recuperation and development, and forestall damage, which eventually helps them all through the confine. Here are crucial nourishments you have to add to your eating routine to help with your battle arrangement.1. Whey Protein-normally found in milk [...]

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The loss of Emanuel Yarbrough at only 51

Emanuel Yarbrough, who was on the wrong end of the most celebrated knockdown in right on time UFC history, passed away on Monday at 51 years old.Yarbrough, who battled once in the UFC, and three times generally speaking, was the biggest MMA contender in its history. At one time, he was recorded in the Guinness [...]

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