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My name is Carl and I run freeformfighters.co.uk.  I’m a 30-something ex Thai boxer with a passion for all things martial arts.  I’ve travelled and trained in some amazing locations and sparred with some of the best fighters and trainers on the planet.

I started off in martial arts at around 7 years old, studying kodokan judo, for several years until my local club closed. After a short rest period I decided I’d like to try a stand up sports fighting system, and took up the Korean art of Taekwondo, which I came to love. I stayed with this for many years and had some great achievements within the sport.

After a few years of Taekwondo, my interests began to lean towards ancient Chinese martial arts, and through friends found a really good Foshan wing chun club where I stayed for many years, and eventually trained as an instructor. I love the soft hard flow of this amazing martial arts system and still to this day think this is one of the strongest systems I have ever come across. Unfortunately the club I trained in closed down and there are very few places of this standard in my area or the UK so was forced to leave this fine art.

With the unfortunate closing of the wing chun club I found my all-time favourite fighting system of Muay Thai. The "the art of eight limbs" I started off in a small club in Lancashire training a couple of time a week and within a few months was completely addicted and training and fighting 5 to 6 days a week. I stayed with Rage Thai boxing for many years.  I was then given the opportunity to travel to Thailand for some time to train and fight over there with some of the best trainers and fighters from all over Thailand. On my return from traveling around Asia I continued to Thai box for a couple more years. I finished my time off in Thai boxing (for now anyway!) with Grand Master Sken in Stockport Manchester.

At the grand age of 30...ish... I decided it was time to find a way to free up my time to allow me to dedicate more time to my training.  So I set up my own company supplying martials arts and MMA clothing and equipment in 2012, and we are now a growing company with a bright future due to our expert knowledge of the industry, and an aim to please attitude towards customer service. We are striving to be the best MMA clothing and equipment company on the market.

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